2012 Security – No End to the Security of Your World

2012 Security – No End to the Security of Your World

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  • On 26th June 2014
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Our Guarantees

At 2012 Security, we ensure that no disastrous security breach leads to the crumbling of your world. We have the most dedicated officers to guard and control the security of your premises, and the most up-to-date CCTV technology for consistently keeping watch and monitoring. We cover security across a breadth of areas that require it, including buildings, centers, events, vulnerable areas like construction or industrial sites, and areas of particular monetary significance including sales environments and commercial establishments.

Our Services

2012 Security has 20/20 vision when it comes to being vigilant throughout every hour of the day, every day of the year. Our security watch goes on and on with no end to the reassurance it can give you. We offer 24/7 coverage for each of our services, and we tailor our services to give you short, medium or long-term support according to your requirements. You even have the choice to regularly receive live updates on the findings of our mobile patrol units as they thoroughly examine the areas you need taken care of. If an emergency or concern were to occur, all you have to do is make a quick call to our control room, our high-guarded heart which is alive every moment and where nothing can escape our eyes. Your concerns will be seriously handled and all issues promptly dealt with.


There is no limit to how deeply you can depend on us. We ensure all threats are predicted, managed, and controlled at unbeatable efficiency and effectiveness. Our CCTV cameras are professionally installed and feature the latest advances for maximum monitoring and detection, with the additional advantages of recording audio and having UPS in case of the emergency situation of power cut, so our cameras are fully awake and running when nothing else is and all eyes are sleeping.

Security Staff

As well as our excellent camera technology, all of our security staff are impeccably qualified as their training is regularly refreshed to the standards of SIA, BSI, and CHAS. Our pride in the high standards of our services combined with our sense of responsibility to your security means that that we have the full capacity to create a contract that uniquely covers all your security needs. No matter of your budget for investing, the power of your company, the size of the area you want covered and how long you want it covered for, 2012 security can be fully entrusted for fulfilling your needs so that there will be no fracture in the security of your world.