K9 Security Services

K9 Dog Units (Canine Dog Units) are specialist dog & handler teams, trained to the highest standards for the security industry. Using dogs for security is one of the most effective ways to prevent, detect and protect your business premises.

All our K9 Dog Units are registered individually with the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU).  All units operate in accordance with the Home Office Code of Practice and The Guard Dog Act 1975


Dogs provide a highly skilled addition to the security of high risk and vulnerable sites. They can provide greater flexibility than two uniformed security officers and they have an acute ability to detect intruders.  Properly trained canine dog units are a proven, effective deterrent of crime as well as deterring and detecting trespassers.

A guard dog has the ability to detect by scent, any unusual activity over a vast distance.  Our dog handlers go through a comprehensive training program before they can work on a site.

  • A guard dog is regarded as one of the most effective deterrents against theft or damage to your property. With its acute sense of smell and hearing, a trained dog can pick up the presence of an intruder long before a human can.
  • Extremely effective at protecting your businesses from Trespass, Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Vandalism and Terrorism.
  • Guard dogs are not threatened by intimidating behaviour and have the ability to stand up to any trespasser.
  • Effective risk reduction of trespass.


A drug sniffer dog or drug detection dog is a dog that is trained to and works at using its senses, mainly their sense of smell, to detect a variety of substances including drugs. Their sense of smell is two thousand times stronger and fifty times more sensitive than that of a human’s, which is why a sniffer dog is used for a number of security operations.

Drug detection dogs use an aggressive alert, where they dig and paw at the spot where they smell the drugs without causing damage to personal or business property.

  • Drug detection dogs can be used for a range of operations and assignments including but not limited to; Airports, Marine applications, Media solutions, Hospitals and mental health facilities together with schools, colleges and universities, events, prisons, businesses and homes,
  • They can be used to detect drugs on individuals, within buildings, open areas and vehicles.
  • Commanded by the handler, the dog indicates the presence of drugs by giving a passive signal, normally a sit or a 'stand and stare'.


In response to the ever-increasing threat of terrorism, 2012 Security provide explosives search services (sniffer dogs) through the deployment of highly trained handlers and their dogs. This type of deployment is a trusted and proven method of locating explosives in a wide range of environments, from vehicle and cargo screening to systematic building searches.

The presence of our teams provides a high-profile deterrent, delivering reassurance to the general public, especially in times of heightened security.

Explosive detection dogs use a passive alert, where they will sit in a location where explosives have been detected.  The passive alert is used in dangerous situations, preventing the triggering of the items found by the dog.

  • "Bomb Dogs" as they are also called, are quicker, more effective and significantly more accurate than a human search team. They also provide a high profile deterrent and deliver reassurance to staff, visitors, customers and the general public.
  • An Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) remains the most consistent and reliable method of detecting explosives.
  • We can work alongside your existing security staff for long or short contracts and for one-off events.


The upsurge of people travelling the world by air has resulted in the challenges associated with bedbugs growing accordingly. The costs incurred in elimination, compensation to those affected and damage to your reputation all attack the bottom line. Catching the problem early not only lowers the cost in treatment but increases the treatment success.

2012 Security provide unmarked vehicles to maintain the integrity of your reputation, full insurance and Non-Disclosure Agreements, (NDA) when requested.

  • A bedbug canine can check a large area in a far quicker time than a human expert thus reducing man hours and associated cost.
  • A trained dog is able to pinpoint the location of an infestation where bedbugs are suspected but cannot be seen.
  • A dog can be an aid in establishing whether the control/extermination of bedbugs has been successful.
  • Discreet, low profile service to protect your reputation.

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