Residential Security Patrol

2012 Security, based in Barking and Dagenham, provide Residential Security Patrol services across all areas of London. Our housing patrols are carried out by our qualified, professional security officers, helping reduce crime and disorder in neighbourhoods and other residential areas.


Residential Security is more important now than ever before – particularly in London. Police patrols are too infrequent to protect our homes and communities from crime, and volunteer neighbourhood watch groups are not specifically trained for the issues they may face.

We collate information from local police statistics, past data from the Housing Association, residential consultation and site reconnaissance to provide expert security solutions.

  • Reported crime as a whole has increased by over 6.4% across London in the last year.
  • Burglary has risen by 28% and violent crime by 20% across London in the last year.
  • The combination of rising crime and declining police numbers is creating a strain on both our police force and the communities they protect.
  • 2012 Security’s Residential Housing Patrols can help reduce crime rates for a safer community.


At 2012 Security we understand that every community has differing security needs. Once the data has been assessed, we carry out a resident consultation.  We then produce a management report which is used to implement a bespoke Housing Patrol Service taking into account budgetary requirements.  The patrol service will look to mitigate the risk associated with crime and anti social behaviour (ASB).

  • We understand the importance of tailoring our services for the housing association to meet your residents specific needs
  • We mitigate the risk to the Housing Associations regarding crime and ASB
  • Provide positive solutions to allow Housing Associations to budget appropriately in regards to the crime reduction intiatives.


Our highly visible canine units and security officers will be based on your estate or road. This security unit will act as a deterrent, conducting regular mobile security patrols at times and frequencies agreed. Any unusual or suspicious activity will be investigated and countered

  • 2012 Security can provide Residential Housing Patrols 24 hours day, 365 days a year
  • We will arrange for our scheduled patrol service to meet your neighbourhoods requirements
  • We provide the best training and use the right equipment and technology to support our Officers
  • Increased information sharing with the local Police, local authorities and the housing association


Residential patrols have long been recognised as a proven deterrent against criminal activity. We continually hear about trespassing, burglary, anti-social behaviour and personal attacks. These incidents are extremely traumatic and can leave residents feeling threatened and vulnerable.

We work in partnership with communities to provide effective security solutions, ensuring your residents feel safe and protected.

  • Our highly visible Security Officers / Canine Units are a strong deterrent against crime
  • You and your family feeling safer in your own home
  • Help dramatically reduce crime rates in your area
  • Helping the neighbourhood come together so you can all enjoy peace of mind
  • Strategic monitoring of the contract, including liaison with the appropriate Housing Officer and ASB Co-coordinator.

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